Nahom Gold 💍

Welcome to Nahom Gold, your premier destination for exquisite gold products that seamlessly blend tradition and contemporary elegance. With branches gracing the vibrant cities of Dubai and Türkiye, Nahom Gold is more than just a gold shop; it’s a celebration of artistry, craftsmanship, and cultural richness.

Our expertise lies in the creation and customization of gold items, ranging from stunning jewelry and silverware to meticulous gold repair services. At Nahom Gold, we pride ourselves on offering accessibility and convenience to our esteemed customers, ensuring an unparalleled shopping experience.

Our Mission

At Nahom Gold, our mission is to be the epitome of excellence in the world of gold craftsmanship. We are dedicated to preserving and showcasing the cultural traditions of Eritrea and Ethiopia through our unique Habsha design gold. Our commitment extends beyond borders, as we aim to cater to diverse tastes worldwide.

Our Vision

Nahom Gold envisions becoming a global beacon of excellence in the gold industry, synonymous with quality, innovation, and cultural richness. Our vision extends beyond geographical boundaries, as we aspire to captivate the attention and hearts of customers worldwide.